Digital Health Workshop

About this Workshop

Increasingly, care in the health service is being shifted from hospital to home. This has benefits, including more comfortable care environments for patients as well as reduced costs for care providers. This brings with it many opportunities to re-design care systems to exploit innovative technologies and reconfigure care practices to optimize care at home. This will demand better systems for remote monitoring and intervention, and also technologies that are usable by patients and lay carers as well as professionals.


The Roadmap

The Workshop provided a forum for the development of a roadmap for engineering and physical sciences research leading to improvements in the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment pathways for care at home, particularly across multiple clinical conditions. Speakers from clinical, engineering and industrial communities, gave their perspectives on the requirements that should be driving the development of these pathways, the technical opportunities that lie ahead and the barriers that exist which must be overcome for eventual adoption in the public healthcare system.

You can download the Roadmap for EPS Research into Digital Health for Remote Monitoring and Self Management as a PDF document.

The Roadmap identifies four broad opportunity areas: generic continuous monitoring from a diversity of information sources, recovery monitoring, early diagnosis, and new patient access routes.  They rely on a diversity of EPS research including sensors, data, machine learning and user interfaces taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the Internet of Things, and placing user-centred engineering at the heart.


Workshop Structure

The Workshop was divided into three Sessions covering: current innovative practices, challenges to the delivery of safe and effective care at home, and technological opportunities to address the identified challenges. Each Session started with short talks and was followed by structured roadmapping.

View the Workshop structure.


Confirmed Speakers

Prof Elizabeth Murray, Co-Director of the eHealth Unit, University College London

Prof Andrew Farmer, Professor of General Practice, University of Oxford

Prof Claudia Estcourt, Glasgow Calendonian University

Dr Malcolm Clarke, Reader in Telemedicine and eHealth Systems , Brunel University

Charles Lowe, Managing Director, Digital Health and Care Alliance

Prof Ian Craddock, Professor in Data-Driven Health, University of Bristol


Workshop Attendees

We invited participants from across the clinical, academic, engineering, physical sciences and industrial communities to this Workshop.


Who organised this Workshop?

The Workshop was put together by Professor Ann Blandford (Computer Science & Institute of Digital Health, UCL) along with Professor Andrew Flewitt (Engineering Department, Cambridge University) for the EPSRC Fast Assessment and Treatment NetworksPlus.