Outcomes and outputs from the FAST Healthcare NetworksPlus and conclusions from the Network

This page incorporates all outcomes and outputs from the NetworksPlus, which ended officially in April 2021.


The interactive pdf brochure showcases the workshops, projects and roadmaps as well as putting forward some high level conclusions.


Some conclusions drawn from the brochure will be posted here.


Roadmaps were drawn up for the following areas as part of the Network:

Reports from Workshops

For the workshops for which formal reports were written, these can be found here as well as on the corresponding workshop pages:

Videos  from all project PIs

All project leaders were asked to produce videos explaining what their project was about and what their main findings were. These are gathered here as well as being available from the relevant project pages.

Tingting Zhu – Automated Decision Support System for Patients at Risk of Myocardial Infarction

Xiaorong Ding – Smart wearables for children with asthma

Ihtesham Rehman – Advancing the understanding of Biofilms with Raman Spectroscopy

Bahman Merheidari – COMPutational Assessment of Stroke Survivors Prototype (COMPASS-proto)

Simon Jones – Using iKOALA to sustain physical activity for long-term self-management of osteoarthritis

Jeremy Opie – Human Factors resources for FAST healthcare

Moi Hoon Yap – Early detection of skin cancer by using mobile devices at point of care