Our approach

The purpose of our Network is to promote joined-up treatment in public health by taking a holistic view of clinical assessment and treatment pathways and developing solutions that deliver real impact on clinical treatment processes and patient outcomes.

Four-step process for evaluating projects

four step project evaluation processStep 1: We will run a series of workshops over the course of 3 years with each having a specific clinical focus. Key stakeholders from across the healthcare and academic community will be invited to deliver some introductory talks to set out the challenges currently facing the public health service.  This will be followed by a structured roadmapping workshop to identify the clinical challenges, technological opportunities and associated enablers and barriers.  Attendance at these workshops will be open to Network members by competitive application as numbers at each workshop will be limited.

Step 2: The outputs from these workshops will be written up and publicised on the Network website along with an associated Call for Proposals for Initiator Projects. These Initiator Projects will run for between 6 and 12 months.  They must be collaborative, demonstrate how they are enabling new collaborations to form across disciplines, and involve early career researchers.  At least one person in the collaboration must have attended the associated Workshop, and all participants must be Network Members. Click here to become a member.

Step 3: Each of the Initiator Projects will be evaluated close to their end to see what steps are required to convert the small-scale collaboration that the Network has funded into a meaningfully-funded, long-term research collaboration that will lead to clinical impact.

Step 4: Finally, the recommendations from the evaluation process will be acted upon to create generate sustainable funding for continuation of the research programme.

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