FAST Healthcare NetworksPlus partners with NHS England in Knowledge Transfer Partnership 2018

NHS England has announced the winners of the 2018 Chief Scientific Officer’s (CSO) Knowledge Transfer Partnership Programme – a bespoke 12 month development programme that aims to improve patient care and identify new approaches to measurement and outcomes. FAST Healthcare NetworksPlus is proud to announce that we are partnering with NHS England to support successful awardee Professor Anthony Rowbottom from Preston Hospital and University of Central Lancashire.


Professor Rowbottom’s project on the clinical use of Raman spectroscopy aims to provide guidelines for the introduction of Raman spectroscopy in diagnostic and clinical practice. He hopes that it will facilitate discussion and increase the pace that Raman spectroscopy could be introduced across the NHS, thus potentially improving patient outcomes in a number of areas such as cancer, anti-microbial resistance and neurodegenerative disease. 


Professor Andrew Flewitt, Principal Investigator of FAST Healthcare NetworksPlus said “The EPSRC FAST Healthcare NetworksPlus aims to use systems-based engineering to tackle real clinical challenges facing the NHS.  We are delighted to be partnering with NHS England's KTP to help bring together clinicians and engineers together to achieve this goal.”


Find out more about Professor Rowbottom’s work and that of the other current Knowledge Transfer Partnership Associates here.

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