Dr Luis Garcia-Gancedo

Dr Luis Garcia-Gancendo

Dr Luis Garcia-Gancedo is a Director in Sensor Technology at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

With a background in Physics and Electronic Engineering, Luis spent a number of years as a Research Associate in the Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge and as a College Lecturer at Newnham College (Cambridge University) before joining GSK.

Currently he forms part of ‘Clinical Innovation and Digital Platforms’, a group that supports the design, implementation and evaluation of pilot programs of innovative digital technology solutions aimed at modernising GSK’s clinical trial process for the benefit of patients. Within the group, Luis leads the implementation of wearables and other patient centric sensor technologies in order to enable continuous or semi-continuous objective data collection (in-between clinical site visits). Our mid-to-long term vision is to remotely collect ‘real-world’ data that reflects a reasonable approximation of how study participants usually live their lives, ultimately enabling a better understanding of disease manifestation and a better assessment of drug efficacy.


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